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Podcast App Under Appreciated

Jamison Scott, staff writer

September 12, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

Maybe some of you haven't even seen this mysterious purple button on your iPad, but even if you have seen it, you probably haven't clicked on it. However, today your ignorance persists no longer! Behind this button is an expans...

The Mysterious Staircase of Meathooks, Masked Men, and Mutilation

September 6, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

SVHS has a secret Staircase, and no one seems to knows where it leads, but Mrs. Dockstader had her English IV classes write a creative story about where they thought it might end. Dockstader was really excited to see all of...

Movie Night!

Gabby Ray, staff writer

September 1, 2017

Filed under Entertainment

What's the best thing to do on a Friday night? Many people would say, "Watch a movie!" Whether it's date night, friends night or family night, movies are a great pastime that everyone can enjoy. There are a lot if new movies that...

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