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New Year’s Resolutions Usually Fail

Lexi Connelly, staff writer

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New Year’s Resolutions can be the hardest thing to keep and even harder to think of. When thinking of a resolution, people often try to find the easiest resolution that they can think of, so they don’t have do so much work during the year, and yet most seem to fail at keeping that resolution. For the new year, Mrs. Dockstader had her English classes write their resolutions of the back of a notecard. For example, mine was to “Try and look better” a.k.a wear makeup more often (probably going to fail). Most of the students put stress less, graduate, and pass class. A couple people put “Graduate and be a better friend.”

Estimates say that 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions which means that the other 60% don’t come up with any at all. According to Forbes , within the 40% that make New Year’s Resolutions, “University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.”  Many people use the New Year to create a bucket list of resolutions when in reality they only have to keep it simple. As simple as “Go to the gym every week or every other week.” A New Year’s Resolution does not have to be something big and complicated.

What is your New Year’s Resolution? How do you plan to keep this resolution? How often do you keep your resolutions?

Sierra Wolfley

“To get better grades. Turn in work on time. Never.”

Tory Trufren

“To work out more. By remembering. Never. It never happens. They never do.”

Stella Burgess

“Not to be rude. Be nicer(probably won’t happen). Never. None of my resolutions ever work.”

Emma Parker

“None. I didn’t make one. I don’t plan to keep it. Never. They’re stupid and pointless. No one ever keeps them.”

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New Year’s Resolutions Usually Fail