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What is Yo Ride?

Branden McDonald, staff writer

April 12, 2019

Filed under Student Life

Star Valley High School has a variety of vehicles in the parking lot.These cars vary anywhere from a brand new Chevy Duramax to a 1989 Dodge Intrepid with three wheels. There's the YEE YEE clan with hay bales in the back to spotless...

Prom Dress Code Unchanged from Past Years

Nate Matthews, staff writer

April 11, 2019

Filed under Student Life

This year's Prom dress code was no different from any other year: Dress straps must be at least one inch thick. A cover can be worn over non-conforming dresses as long as it is worn at all times. The dress must cover the back,...

Promposals Still a Thing

Jhett Jenkins, staff writer

March 21, 2019

Filed under Showcase, Student Life

Prom is one of the most memorable experiences in high school, and for students at SVHS it is just right around the corner. March 13th marked the officially one-month mark until prom. Though that seems far away, many students have...

Hoopes’ House Serves As Popular Lunch Destination

Koa DeLong, staff writer

March 11, 2019

Filed under Student Life

For generations, the Hoopes household has fed hungry high schoolers. From the oldest Hoopes child, Walker Hoopes, who started the tradition and passed it on to Austin who passed it to Brig. The responsibility to host hungry friends...

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