Dream Date. Who? Where? Why?


Simon Gaskell said Sophie Lamunyon who he would “probably take somewhere up in the mountains or on the beach.” 

Beach walks, trips to Paris, up in the mountains,—where would your dream date be and who would it be?

Reegan Rivard said his dream date would be with Jaelah Titensor. “I would go boating on Bear Lake because she is my girlfriend.”

Emily Dana named Smith McClure. “I would go with him to Costa Rica down on a beach resort or something like because he is my boyfriend.”

Senior Lauren Erickson, in typical cougar fashion, chose junior Brigham Ordyna. She says “I would take a long walk and a picnic on the beach with Brigham because he’s sweet and very nice to me.” Ordyna showed his kindness and sophistication by replying, “I like hot women.”