Singcopation Takes Center Stage at Year End Show


Carlee White and Trinity Flemma

Singcopation, SVHS’s top audition choir, put on a large, end-of-year show on May 5th to showcase what they have worked on throughout the year.

The exclusive Singco group consists of 10 boys, and 10 girls. With lots of competition for spots, auditions are a tough process. To audition, you sing one verse of “America The Beautiful” and prepare 60 seconds of your own song to sing. After singing your own song, you sight read from a song you’ve never heard before. This can be challenging. Once in Singco, you work year round to prepare for the Singcopation Show. The show consists of around 22 songs, all choreographed and performed live at SVHS auditorium.

MS: What is it like coming into singcopation and being a first year member?

Jonathon Buehler: “Its like being a newborn panda bear, nurtured and loved by your mother and every time you want chicken salad croissant sandwiches, you get them given to you”!

MS: As a performer your whole life, how has performing with singcopation in high school been for you?

Norrah Nielsen: “Singco has taught me so many things about performing. It’s really fun to be able to go to a class and get to sing and dance because I have always been passionate about those things. Singco has taught me a lot about being a performer, and I’m just so happy that I got to be a part of it”.

MS: How have you enjoyed your experience being a part of the Singcopation choir?

Derek Astle: “It’s been a second family to me. I have enjoyed being in it for two years, meeting new people and doing what I love”.

MS: You’ve been in Singco for 2 years now.What was it like being in Singco as a junior? If you could change the way you did things, would you?

Addie: “It was one of the things I’ll remember most from high-school. I had been working towards it for years and it felt awesome to have all that hard work pay off. I wouldn’t change anything, even the moments that weren’t as amazing because the moments that weren’t so good taught me lessons and the experience as a whole was incredible. I made a lot of friends, and got to do what I love with the people I love”.

The Singcopation Show was the last time for the choir as a whole to showcase their work and skills while new members wait in the wings to join next year.