SBO Week Gets Intense


MAIN EVENT: Jacob Knighton and Malachi Patterson square up. They battled for the office of SBO president with Patterson winning by literally a few votes.

Carlee White and Trinity Flemma


SEEING RED: Malachi Patterson, Kai Hendriks, Cooper Lawson, and Josie foster campaign with their team as the SBO election begins.

SBO week at SVHS gets pretty intense. Students compete for student body votes that determine who will be their president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. This week features assemblies, challenges, food, campaigning, and lots more. Juniors Jacob Knighton and Malachi Patterson ran for president, Kai Hendriks and Grace Collins ran for VP, Allie Jack and sophomore Cooper Lawson ran for secretary, and juniors Josie Foster and Liam Tucker ran for treasurer.

GOLDEN: Jacob Knighton, Grace Collins, Allie Jack, and Liam Tucker campaign as the gold team to try and win over the student body vote.

In competition for student body officers, these students were split, as ever, into two campaign teams, red and gold with Malachi Patterson, Kai Hendriks, Cooper Lawson, and Josie Foster, on the red team, and Jacob Knighton, Grace Collins, Allie Jack, and Liam Tucker on team gold. These two teams campaigned their hardest Monday through Wednesday to show their peers that they deserve to be SBO’s. This campaigning not only included decorating the school, but alsp putting together lip sync battles, fun challenges, skits, and even free food for lunch! On Wednesday, the student body voted on who they want to represent them.



I SWEAR: Josie Foster, Allie Jack, Kai Hendriks, and Malachi Patterson take the SBO oath.

After the assembly, the votes were tallied  with Foster, Jack, Hendricks and Patterson coming out on top in some extremely close contests. All four of these students were sworn in to represent SVHS.

SCHOOL TREASURE: Josie Foster tells SVHS why she should represent as their SBO treasurer.

“I’m super excited to represent SVHS as an SBO, especially since it is going to be my last year here and its really going to make my senior year the best. I’m excited to make new friends and put in the work to make SVHS a great place,” said Foster.

Candidates spent a lot of extra time outside of school working together as a team to entertain and inspire the student body. “This week was so fun, it was a blur. I was so busy doing things and thinking what was to come. I got to work with people I had never talked to as well as get to know the student body a little bit better. Yes, it was stressful but it was worth it, I would love to do it all over again if I could,” said Foster.

MADAME SECRETARY: Allie Jack performs in a lip sinc battle to “Party In The USA” during Tuesdays SBO assembly.

New SBO secretary Allie Jack said, “I’m super excited to be representing SVHS as SBO secretary. SBO week was super stressful and honestly kind of terrifying, because I literally just stood there and hoped that people would like me enough to vote for me.”

VICE: Kai Hendriks gives his speech on why being SBO vice president is right for him.

Junior Kai Henriks was very excited to learn she would represent SVHS and hopes to affect a positive change next year. “We are there to represent the student body and do what we can to make the school a better place for everyone,” she said.

EL PRESIDENTE: Malachi Patterson shows off his red campaign color as he makes a grand entrance on a smooth ride.

New SBO President Malachi Patterson feels honored to be able to represent his fellow students. “I feel like the role of the president is to lead the student council in planning, promoting, and carrying out enjoyable activities for the students during the year at SVHS, and encourage positive relations between students.”