Musicians Exceed Expectations at District Music Festival


Concert Band led by Kurt Sand performs their musical numbers in front of judges at District Music Festival.

If classrooms looked a little empty on Thursday, April 27,  it was because many students traveled to Evanston for the WMEA District Music Festival, participating in choirs, bands, and orchestras. Each musical group spent much of this academic school year preparing to perform in front of the judges at this event. These adjudicators evaluated each performance and gave them a ranking based on a musical elements rubric. The highest could achieve is “superior”.

ALL GHAG JAZZ: The jazz band performs in Evanston at District Music Festival in front of judges. The group earned a superior rating.
TWICE IS NICE: Treble Tones audition choir smiles brightly with their TWO first place trophies after competing in “Music in the Parks”.

Band director Kurt Sand said, “Every Star Valley music group was rated Superior by the judges – a clean sweep! We are very proud of the work put in by our music students. They represented our school at the very highest level.”

On Saturday, Treble Tones, Concert Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band performed in the “Music in the Parks” music festival in Utah. Once again, all the groups received a superior rating from the Utah judges. Treble Tones, Chamber Orchestra and Jazz Band each earned 1st Place in their respective classes while concert orchestra took 2nd place honors behind their friends in chamber orchestra who took first place.  “Basically, we have awesome kids!” said Sand.

After competing in “Music in the Parks”, Treble Tones came home with not only one but two first place trophies, taking best women’s choir and best overall choir.

At the Utah event,  junior Archer Dugan won the outstanding soloist award. “I feel like my solo went pretty great.  It was entirely improvised, meaning that it had never before been heard or played. Being a soloist at this type of event was really great because you just get to go out and entertain people with your solo, and you get feedback basically right away with how the crowd reacts”.


POWER OF ONE: Junior Archer Dugan shows off his outstanding soloist medal after a tough competition.

Senior and Treble Tones member Joy Fry said, “The experience was absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We ate the best food ever, sang some songs in the pool, and competed against some other schools. I had full faith in us; it was more mental preparation than anything. Winning is the best feeling ever, not that I knew it was gonna happen, but… we did that”.

Grace Morrison and Shelby Kisling performed flute solos on Friday, the 28th and earned superior ratings for their efforts! “This was my first time doing a solo, but I was composed and took it very seriously. Music is a big part of my life, and I was happy to have the experience. There are three things that make a successful solo,” said Morrison.

Sophomore Shelby Kisling put in a lot of hard work to succeed as she did. “Every other day I would practice for an hour and a half then everyday after school for a couple hours. It was a cool experience to be able to play and see my level as a flutist in front of a judge.”

The weekend at District Music Festival and other competitions paid off the many singers and musicians who work so hard, often alone in a practice room, so they could represent their school at the highest level.

AMUSING: Jazz Band celebrates their successes at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, UT.