Spring Breakers Seek out Exotic Locales


SUN AND SAND: This photo taken by Junior Sadie Hulse shows just what she loved about her Spring Break trip to Hawaii.

Spring break is something that a lot of students look forward to. It gives them the chance to forget about school and to see fun sites around the world. While some don’t always get the chance to go someplace exciting, others go to pretty amazing places. Students went on cruises, left the country, and generally traveled to warmer places.

NEW ZEALAND SITES: Senior Holly Draney sits  at one of The Lord of the Rings movie sites  and soaks in the warm New Zealand sun.

Holly Draney went down under to New Zealand. “I went to New Zealand! We started in Auckland and ended up all the way down in Christchurch on the South Island. We went to quite a few Lord of the Ring sites such as Hobbiton, Edoras, and Weta Workshop. We went whale watching, which was amazing, and went on some beautiful hikes. We climbed an extinct volcano in Auckland and ate dinner in the Sky Tower. The ocean views were amazing, and it wasn’t uncommon to see dolphins. We also saw a lot of seals. I loved seeing the ocean for the first time and horseback riding on Icelandic horses on the beach. It was amazing, I enjoyed it so much! It was a great first international trip. The people are very nice in New Zealand, and the food is good.”

Not everyone was able to leave the country but still traveled long distances to find warmer places. St. George, Florida, and California were all very popular this spring break, and some traveled farther to places like Hawaii.

Junior Sadie Hulse spent her spring break in Oahu, Hawaii. “I saw really pretty beaches and took some really fun hikes. The best part was definitely getting a lot of sun. Overall, my spring break was a 10/10 experience.”

It’s always nice to see or go to cool and new places, but even students who went no farther south than Smoot still enjoyed a week off from school.