Fullmers Have Traveled to 15 Different NFL Stadiums


THE NORTH: The Fullmer brothers team up outside USbank Stadium in Minneapolis, the new home of the Vikings since 2016. “It is a structural marvel,” said Mr. Fullmer.

Kenlee Englehardt and Taya Johnson

Are you ready for some football? Mr. Fullmer and his brothers have been ready for football for a long time. Seventeen years ago, the three Fullmer brothers decided to attend an NFL game together. Little did they know that first outing would be the start of a new Fullmer family tradition.

They first started this tradition as way to reconnect over a passion they all share and enjoy each other’s company. Fullmer said, “We all love NFL football, and we wanted to get together at least once a year, so we decided to meet up for games.” Since then, the Fullmer brothers have been to fifteen different NFL stadiums. He said, “Our original goal was to visit them all, but we’ve decided there are some places we don’t want to travel to.” 

Fullmer’s favorite stadium happens to be the one where his favorite team plays.He said, “Minnesota’s US Bank Stadium was my favorite, and not just because the Vikings are my team. It was amazing.”

These trips are mainly about football and brotherly love, but the Fullmer Bros also like to enjoy each city’s unique culture when they travel. “We try to do something in each city to make the trip more memorable. In Charlotte we went to the Nascar Hall of Fame Experience. It was awesome.”

And no trip is complete without enjoying the local cuisine. “We also find a really good steak house every time.” They only ever travel to watch either the Vikings, Raiders, or Cowboys play, and they rotate those three each year. Each brother had to buy the others a jersey to wear to games when their favorite team is not playing. “I am a Cowboys and Raiders fan once every three years,” said Fullmer.

Three brothers bonding over football and steak. It doesn’t get much more American than that.