AI is Taking Over

And teachers are not happy about it.


Raynee Holtman and Cristina Preciado

Imagine a computer writing your essays for you so you can catch up on your favorite TV show instead of doing homework. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the thing: it is too good to be true.

AI, or artificial intelligence, involves using computers, machines, or bots to do things that usually require human intelligence. The use of AI has become common in our world today as technology improves and people become lazier than ever before.

“I’ve had AI-written written essays submitted in my class, and I’m trying to educate my students about the responsible use of this technology,” said senior English 1020 teacher Mr. Fullmer.

While there are benefits to AI, such as its reduction in human error, stronger research and data analysis, and its ability to improve efficiency, there are always downsides to the use of AI. Students can use AI to do anything from writing their essays to creating original works of art.

Art teacher Mr. Guild worries that AI will hurt creativity.

Teachers at SVHS and around the country have begun to see the use of AI more and more each day. Graphic design and art teacher Mr. Guild said, “Personally, I think it’s killing creativity. Even with artwork now, students can get on AI apps and search up what they want, and it’s done for you, just like that.” He believes that the use of AI will create a lack of thinking in students’ minds.

On the other hand, Assistant Principal Mr. Erickson believes it could be a good thing. “I’m a little bit scared of AI, but it can make life super easy as sometimes computers can be smarter than we are.” Which can be true, sometimes computers can generate new ideas that nobody would ever think of; however, they could take over lives of students as AI leaves no room for originality.

Senior Era Moyer thinks that AI can be a positive academic tool.

English teacher Mr. Opitz shared his thoughts on AI as he is seeing it more and more in his classroom. “AI is the tool that claims to make tasks easier. We must learn to use it wisely while not attempting to use it to replace learning the skills that we will need for life. Don’t trade what is easy for what is good. AI will never be more valuable than the genuine you.”

Gabe Daniel said, “I think the concept of AI is really cool in general, but I’ve heard too many stories about AI taking over the world to trust it completely. I also think it’s really funny that Fullmer is obsessed with AI now that it can write essays.”

Students also bring new thoughts on AI to the table. Senior Era Moyer, believes there are good sides to AI. “In my opinion, AI and other technology is pretty cool, and it can be used in a lot of positive areas, just as long as it doesn’t overpower and keep people from learning and thinking and creating for themselves.”

For students, AI could be very affective in improving essays or outlining an assignment and can make student lives much easier. But at the same time, AI use for homework and assignments will often be considered cheating as it prevents students from using their own creativity. A senior boy at SVHS said he once used AI to write his essay. “I used it on my essay and got a 70%, and now I wish I had never used it because it ruined my grade in English.”

Regardless of the murky use and future of AI, it is probably not going anywhere. Students, teachers, and the world at large will have to learn how to use AI responsibly and live side by side with it.