Bad Parking Plagues Front Lot

YOU NEED HELP: Sophomore Hayden Morgan was running late to class and didn’t have time fix his parking. “No one taught me how to park, so I have been trying to teach myself,” said Morgan. It isn’t going too well.

Ava Morgan and Emma Brown

As the winter months approach and the weather gets colder, the parking in the high school gets a lot worse.

Students rush to school to find the snow covering the yellow lines in the parking lot leading to many kids parking crookedly and even sideways.

It is incredibly hard to find a parking spots close to the building because of the terrible parking jobs done by many students. One teacher, speaking under the condition of anonymity, thinks that if a kid doesn’t know how to park their car, “their tires should be slashed”.

Driving through the front parking lot reveals many cars sticking out making it hard to maneuver through the lanes. Some of the newest sophomore drivers are the worst parkers in the lot.

When parking, ask yourself the question, “What would it be like if everyone parked like I do?” Then fix your bad parking job and go about your day.