State Drama Competes in Gillette


SHOWTIME: Senior Isabel Hinton performs her state piece at the drama showcase the troupe put on prior to traveling to the state competition in Gillette. “The drive was very long, but I loved all the laughs and memories that I made with my best friends,” said Hinton

Bridger Brog, Luke Linford, and Hyden Veigel

State drama, a perfect place for students to showcase their skills, gave the most dramatic students in school a chance to impress judges by taking on their performances whole heartedly.

These students, the future of Broadway and cinema, were scored on the way they acted and how well they performed. Drama participants spent hours  making sure that they were ready and able to perform. The coach, Mrs. Nielsen, did her best to get her team members to the peak of their abilities. “It is so cool to have all that work pay off as you perform in front of the judges. The extreme feeling that you get when they are deciding your score, it’s like Christmas morning,” said senior Rebeca Gillespie.

The troupe performed solos, duets, and in groups. “I have so much fun really perfecting my craft, getting every detail just right. And it all paid off. I was a half a point away from a perfect score,” said senior Tom Cunningham who performed with fellow senior Norrah Nielsen.

Though everyone on the team did well, one dramatist stood out from the rest. Nielsen, in the role of mad girlfriend, ended the night with a perfect score. According to her, drama is a perfect place to express her emotions and compete at the same time. 

The state drama competitors did well and felt generally happy with their performances. State drama was a good opportunity to showcase their talents and perform in front of judges while representing their school.