Lady Braves Wrestlers Starts Inaugural Season


BACK TO MAT: Brooke Schwab’s tries to get a pin in the first match of her high school career. Freshman Schwab loves to go to cross fit everyday before school. “I wanted to try something new and learn a new skill,” said Schwab about her decision to join the new Lady Braves wrestling team.

The dawn of Lady Braves wrestling has come. What began with a few girls wrestling on boys teams around the state has turned into full-fledged girls wrestling programs in many high schools, including SVHS.

The will be coached by Kendall Foreman,  and assistants Zeke Mendenhall, and Jason Ive. “The entire state was advocating for girls wrestling. Last year we had girls teams around us coming to wrestling,” said Foreman.

Twenty girls came for the team in November. “I’m very excited! I Hope to advance female empowerment, self defense, and confidence in these girls. We are all making history,” said Foreman.

With no space in the wrestling room with the boys, the team has been practicing in the gym at the middle school. “We start off with with stretching, intense warmup, then go into technique and drilling,” explained the head coach.

Sophomore Veil Foreman is one of the wrestlers on the new team. She said, “Wrestling is not that bad. It’s actually super fun. It’s  not this rough, terrible sport. You have just got to be confident going into it.”

The Brave wrestlers, like all the other school sports except volleyball and football, like the idea of a girls team in their sport. “I think the girls are going to take that state title! I’m just glad that we have a girls team!” sophomore Braxton England replied.

Four girls started the season’s first three weeks undefeated, but after a tournament in Gillette only one undefeated girl, sophomore Veil Foreman, remains.

Girls wrestling is a concept that’s time has come. “It [wrestling] teaches you everything you need to encounter in life with confidence, divergence, and confidence,” said Foreman.

Please support the Lady Braves as they try to match the tradition and reputation of their male counterparts in crimson and gold. They have a lot of catching up to do!

STRENGTH OF ARMS: Junior Sam Walker gets the best of her opponent at home. When not wreslting, Walker’s other hobbies include playing the violin.
MUSCLE MOVE: Freshman Remi Aullman shows the form that has her team off to a great start. ” Wrestling isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Even though you lose matches, it’s a win in disguise. It helps you be a better person,” said Aullman