FAT BIKE Fun with Fil


THEY’RE OFF! Students in Mrs. Filibi’s pe class head out on their new fat bikes. Filibi, working with Mr. Horsley from the district office, was able to purchase enough of the bikes for everyone to ride.

Cam Erickson, staff writer

Recently the school acquired a fleet of new fat bikes for the fitness classes. Fat bikes, sometimes also called snow-bikes, are off road bikes with oversized tires designed to provide traction in the snow and ice, so perfect for Star Valley.

Mrs. Filibi, who landed the grant to pay for the bikes, sometimes Filibi likes to call them Fatties. Mr. Jason Horsley from the district office helped Mrs. Filibi successfully apply for a grant for 25 fat bikes at $550 a piece.

The bikes present an awesome opportunity for P.E. kids to hop on and get some exercise, especially during most of a school year spent in the snow. “This grant also worked out that we can use them for Friday school or after school, so when a kid misses a day they can make up that class by riding these rather than just the traditional mile run,” said Filibi.

Senior Willmington Vicente Garcia said, “Everyday is a good day for a ride!” The class will continue to use the bikes now with the snow.

Fat bikes, thanks to their squishy tires, role over rocks, roots, and pot holes, providing a smoother ride. The width of the tires also help the bike to float the snow of packed trails.  “The new bikes were a lot easier to ride on the snow than the old bikes,” said senior Brandon Cook.

Filibi is in talks with the welding department to fabricate a trail groomer to pack a route in the fields surrounding the high school for her classes to ride on.