Braves Bleach, Shave After Winning State

Kicker Mckell Merrit goes from blonde to blonder. Basically the team didn’t really have a choice by the end of the night. Thanks to peer pressure, everyone had to do something to their hair as part of the wining celebration. “Peer pressure is a real thing,” said Merritt.

Janie England

After the football team took their 17th state title in Laramie on November 11th against the Cody Broncs, they celebrated in a very special way.

Near the beginning of August, Coach Mackay Young told his boys he would shave his head if they won state. Anticipating a win and perhaps needing it afterwords in the hotel, manager Kylee Erickson brought clippers. Turns out, this came in handy!

Around 9pm that evening, the Braves began shaving and bleaching their heads. They covered the hotel laundry room floor with hair as they shaved multiple heads that night.

On Monday the 14, students could not mistake a football player in the hall anymore as they proudly sported their new hairdos as a badge of honor for winning state. GO BRAVES!