Fun Can Be Had During Winter


FROZEN: Hyrum Hirshi and his brother build an ice rink every year with their family. They set up lights on their deck so they can skate at night and play hockey with neighborhood friends.

Alysha Tolman, staff writer

What do you do when it snows? Do you ski, snowboard, sled, or build a snowman?

Winter is filled with lots of fun and exciting activities. Not only does winter involve Christmas, but also all the fun winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and so much more. And let”s not forget snowmobiling. Many students compete in the annual hill climbing event that goes on towards the end of the winter season.

Sophomore Kaden Rainey said, “Riding snowmobiles is a great hobby for someone who lives in Star Valley. There’s something about the adrenaline and the mountains that makes it so great.”

Cross country skiing is another great way to spend the afternoon. There are many groomed trails all over Star Valley. Some country ski trails include Fish Creek, Salt River Pass, Star Valley View Golf Course, and Star Valley Ranch Golf Course.

P.E. teacher Mrs. Filibi incorporates cross country skiing into her classes. “Cross Country Skiing is a great way to get some physical exercise outside. Once you have your equipment, you do not have to pay outrageous ski lift prices and deal with crowds. Also, you can pretty much go anywhere you choose whether it is groomed trails or ‘boon docking’ on your own. This is a sport/activity that can be a lifelong form of exercise.”

There is also a small ice skating rink in Afton at the town park. The Afton civic center rents out skates for the community members to use. Some people even build their own rinks. Sophomore Hyrum Hirschi is one such person. “We do an ice rink in our backyard every year. We have lights on the deck that shine on to it so we can play when it’s dark.”

Students can’t beat the cold here, so they join it.