Braves Hoping to Make Run at State Title


VICTORY PARTY: The Braves assemble at midfield on their home turf after another win. The Braves have lost only one game at home this season at the hand of the Cody Broncs. “We are hoping to get a chance for revenge against Cody,” said senior quarterback Taft McClure.

Delsa Thomas, staff writer

The snow is starting to fall which means we’re getting closer to state football play offs, and not to get the cart ahead of the horse, but most of the boys believe that they will win!

However, they know they have to stay sharp. “The team has to do better on their pass defenses and at blocking the right guy,” said senior Luke Linford.

The Braves have enjoyed a stellar season so far, having worked hard and done a lot of things to get them to an 8-2 record. The team has won six out their last seven games. “We’ve practiced really hard and been consistently in the weight room since we were freshman; we’ve also spent a lot of extra time watching film and scouting out our opponents on our own,” said senior Brandon Beck.

“I’m pretty confident that we will come out of the game with a win,” said junior Tristen Hilton about the upcoming game against Douglas in Douglas. “We all just need to do our job and trust each other as a team!” Said junior Tristen Hilton

Although they hope the high point of their season is still to come, they have had some pretty great moments so far. “Definitely beating Shelly in our first game at Boise State and getting a blowout win on the new home turf in a big win over our rivals Jackson,” said senior Collin Hunsaker when naming a couple of those moments.

Ultimately, the Braves want to finish their season holding a state trophy at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie. “Well, I thinkĀ  all me and the rest of the guys want is for us to beat everyone out by the end of the season in Laramie,” said senior Wyatt Crogg.