Marching Braves Bring Home Excellent Rating from State


CROWDED: A large crowd fills the Ford Wyoming Center located in Casper, Wyoming to watch bands from all over the state perform. Senior Avrie Eyre said, “There was a much bigger crowd, and all the people are there to watch the bands, not a football game.” She also said that it was a cool experience having all the other bands watching from the side.

Cam Erickson

The weekend of October 15th was one the Marching Braves had been looking forward to for months. On that weekend they made the long trip to Casper, WY, feeling well-prepared for the State Marching Band Competition.

The competition, a grueling one day event starting at 12 p.m., finished at 7 p.m. After the long day of performing and eagerly waiting, the Marching Braves were awarded an excellent rating.