Homecoming Dance Glows in Darkness


LOVE BIRDS: Seniors Chase Stewart and Aislyn Ivie cuddle up for a picture at the dance. “I liked being able to dance with my friends and take pictures on my disposable camera. If I were to do anything differently, I would have definitely planned ahead better for our day date,” said Ivie.

Kendyll Rappleye, staff writer

Homecoming is a staple of the high school experience, the highlight of every teen-based TV show, book, or movie. For students, it is an opportunity to get dressed up and dance to loud music with friends. Homecoming always provides a nice break from the stress of homework and sports.

On October 8th students put on their dance clothes and enjoyed an evening of dancing, taking pictures, and associating with their friends and peers. The theme for homecoming this year was neon lights, and it took place at the civic center in town. The Brave Cadettes spent  hours decorating the building with glowing lights, glow sticks, and balloons. 

“My favorite part of the dance was just being able to hangout and dance with all my friends. The downside of the dance was that it was kind of dead, there wasn’t a lot of energy,” said junior Sophie Lamunyon.