Would you Rather go to High School Now or in 1950’s?


Owning Her Spot: Jenna Young feels like the 1950’s would have been the best era to attend high school in. 

One of most popular 1950’s sitcom “I Love Lucy” was one of the most watched sitcom in the 1950’s. .

Poodle skirts, Elvis Presley, I Love Lucy, and milkshakes are some of the common things that are tied to the 1950’s. But what was it like to be a teenager?

Much like the youth today, students turn away from what their parents used to do.The teenagers that were raised in the 50’s wanted to distance themselves from the culture of their parents. Teenagers turned to rock and roll music, television programs and movies.

 Teens enjoyed going to dances and listening to music, but some schools in the 50’s stopped doing dances while others had strict rules that the teens had to follow such as taking off their shoes to keep the gym floor from being damaged. This is where the term “sock hop” came from. Schools had these rules because of the “dangers” posed by rock n’ roll.

Today, teens go shopping with their friends, watch movies, make Tik Toks, or scroll through Instagram, but would they rather live in 2022 or the 1950’s. Eight students answered this question. Seven of them said that they would rather live in the twenty-first century. Junior Jenna Young would rather live in the 1950’s because it was “the Golden era. There were dances and the boys had better manners.”

The majority of the students said that they would rather in the present. Sophomore Cooper McClure said that he would rather live in “2022 because I’m  less likely to get beaten by a teacher.”

Freshman Mysha Sorenson agrees with McClure, Kenna Merritt would rather live in 2022 because she could have a calculator.

School in the 1950’s was much harder than school today. Teachers stricter and sex and race limited student choices, like what classes they could take. We’ve come a long way, baby.

The King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley was a musician in the ’50s. The recent biopic Elvis made $284 million worldwide at the box office.
Whats a Sock Hop? A sock hop is a dance popular in the 1950’s. Some schools back then stopped holding these dances because of the rock and roll music  played at them.