SVHS Golfers Qualify for State in 4A


GREEN PEACE: Brave and Lady Brave golf teams wrap up state with a shot on the Rock Springs practice green. Both golf teams qualified for 4A state golf this year while in 3A they always had an automatic invite. “It was stressful hoping we would qualify for state, but it felt good when we did,” said junior PJ Horsley who was the only Brave to finish with an all-state classification.

The school golf season officially came to an end on Saturday, September 16th for the Braves in Rock Springs.

Unlike the previous 10 years, the boys and girls teams spent this year in the 4A classification. The golfers agreed that competing in this higher level was more difficult than 3A. With junior Sheridan Cold saying, “It was not my favorite,” and sophomore Taeson Johnson bluntly stating “It sucked.”Not all the golfer minded the jump to 4A. JuniorBrigham Ordyna thought it was “cool” to play against tougher competition.

Volleyball and basketball players compete on the same courts, home or away, but golfer must adapt to vastly differently venues for each tournament.  Coles favorite place to play this season was the Municipal Course in Casper because she scored the best on it and thought it played the easiest. Johnson chose Jackson Hole Golf a

nd Tennis as his favorite course because “it was the nicest course we played.” Both Brigham and Benson Ordyna preferred  their home course of Star Valley View. Brigham says there is no place like home because here is where he “plays the best”.

Other than fast greens and thick rough, golfers universally name the “mental game” as the most difficult aspect of their sport. “It is very important to stay positive,” said Coles. Brigham said that the most challenging thing about golf is getting caught up in “hitting the ball straight.” Benson stays motivated by his desire to “hit a perfect ball.”

Players cannot hit the ball straight or perfect without the right clubs, and every golfer has a favorite. Coles and Brigham both agree that they enjoy hitting their pitching wedge the most, while Johnson loves reaching for the big stick, his driver. Benson’s go-to iron has a 9 on it. 

As is the case more often than not, the golfers finished out their season the cold rain, but they proud of qualifying for state. “Our goal this year back in 4A was to take both our girls and boys teams to state because four teams have to stay home. We accomplished goal. Next year, we want to compete more successfully there,” said Coach Kelly Fullmer.

The Braves will bring back their entire team next season, and the Lady Braves will return two of their five varsity players.