After School Clubs Gets Students Involved


Juniors Kylee Dugger, Dakoda Hutchinson Anna Altobell, and sophomore Catie Nichols gave their opinions about having after school clubs.

Sadie Erickson

There are after school clubs here, and some of them have been going on for weeks. Some of these after school clubs include drama club, art club, speech and debate, and Anime club. Some students think we need more clubs in the near future, but the ones we have now are good. There are after school clubs here for a reason. These clubs help students express themselves, their hobbies, and doing what they love. Juniors Kylee Dugger, Dakoda Hutchinson, Anna Altobell, and sophomore Catie Nichols all have their opinions about the after school clubs.

Junior Kylee Dugger said that “After school clubs are a great idea, they allow students to spend more time doing things that they enjoy as well as learning new things.”

Junior Dakoda Hutchinson said “I think that it is a fun experience, but personally I think that some of the people who have jobs might not be able to have time for it, but then again they can make time for it and it also depends on what kind of clubs there are after school.”

Junior Anna Altobell gave her opinion about after school clubs. Anna said  “I think after school clubs is a great way to form new friendships and do what you love. In the future, I think some variety in our after school clubs would be a good idea.”

Sophomore Catie Nichols says “I think clubs are a good way of keeping people involved and showing true skills or learn new skills.”

After school clubs are friendly, fun, and filled with excitement. Clubs help us learn new things and get on our creative side. The clubs will help us build forever friendships that will last a lifetime.