Vending Machines Hungry Students Best Friend


LUNCH BUNCH: Juniors Emma Moffat, Taylor Walker, and Jazmin Roberts eat and socialize in the cafeteria.

Sadie Erickson, Writer

The school has vending machines. Students like snacks. Seems like a perfect combination.

However, have you ever really thought about the age of some of those snacks? How often do student council members stock the machines and move out the old stuff? Turns out they restock the vending machines about every two weeks. “The vending machines make the school a lot of money, and it is a lot easier than concession stands,”  said senior sbo Kylee Erickson.

After lunch many students hit the vending machines after lunch to satisfy those last cravings only to find that the snacks taste stale leading to discussions about the need to either restock the vending machines or replace them with fresh snacks brought in daily.

“We should just keep the vending machines but replace the old stale food with fresh snacks and have different varieties every week or whenever they feel like they want something else. That way we get a fresher snack rather than stale expired food,” said junior Emma Moffat

Jazmin Roberts would appreciate fresher fare. “The vending machines should have updated choices of snacks that aren’t expired, and they should check the expiration date before putting them in the vending machines because sometimes the snacks are stale. Once the snacks have expired, they can throw them out.”

Taylor Walker wants to chuck the machines altogether. “Just get rid of the vending machines and replace them with fresh snacks. No one really goes to the vending machines, so it is kind of useless having them. But if we got fresh snacks every day, then we wouldn’t be eating stale food.”

All machines at the school are not as friendly or useful as the oft-maligned vending machines. Even if they don’t always have what you want, treat them gently. They’re on your side.