Prom Provides Tangled Experience


HIGH COURT: (l to r) 1st Attendants Brandon Beck and Kylee Erickson attend Prom King and Queen Avery Hanberg and Luke Linford with 2nd attendants Ali Kilroy and Jacob Hodges to their left.

Kendyll Rappleye, staff writer

Prom is a staple of the high school experience. It’s the highlight of every teen-based TV ‘show, book, or movie — an evening to dress up and dance to loud music. Prom always provides a nice break from the stress of homework and exams.

“I loved the theme of prom this year; it was so unique and different. Being able to dance and take pictures with my friends was definitely the highlight of the night,” said junior Delsa Thomas.

Students got all dressed up on April 23rd and enjoyed an evening of dancing, taking pictures, and reminiscing with their friends and peers. The theme for prom this year was Tangled, and it took place at the fairgrounds in town. Student council members and other helpful students spent hours decorating the building with lots of lights and lanterns. 

“My favorite part of prom was probably the dinner my group and I was with and the dance itself. We were all laughing a lot and my group was the last on the dance floor at the end of the night,” said senior Morgan Scaffide.

Hopefully the prom ended happily ever after for everyone. This biggest dance of the year gave everyone a chance to dress up, dance, socialize, and make memories to last a lifetime.