Anatomy Students See Dead People at Cadaver Lab


STIFFS: Seniors Mason Brown, Mia Hutchinson, Kimberly Choma, and Rebeckah Bowman pose for a selfie in their lab clothes right before entering the cadaver lab. The cadaver lab focused on teaching and showing students the anatomy of the human body by using cadavers donated to science. “Honestly, going to the cadaver lab was the coolest experience of my life. It was really a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said senior Rebeckah Bowman.

Mason Brown, staff writer

Haley Joel Osment once uttered the famous line, “I see dead people,” in the film The Sixth Sense, but so do the students in Mr. Clove’s anatomy class.

Anatomy students recently had the opportunity to participate in a cadaver lab at Utah State University on March 31st. In order to go on this trip, students were required to have taken Honors Biology for college credit because they have to be a “college student” to be able to participate in the lab. In a cadaver lab, students learn the anatomy of the human body by looking at the structures and parts of different bodies.

When students arrived at USU, they got an introduction to what they would be doing and got separated into different groups. Dr. Anderson, the lead professor, and his three teaching assistants all took a group to different stations, focusing on different sections of the body.

Many students found the lab interesting and beneficial. “I thought it was super interesting to learn in depth about the anatomy of the human body and getting to touch everything was super cool!” said senior Natalya Call.

Others really liked the different perspectives the lab provided. “I liked how it provided a lot of insight on human physiology and just how everything connects together to form a fully functioning human being,” said senior Rebeckah Bowman.

Although many students enjoyed studying and observing the cadavers, others were disturbed by the dead bodies and body parts. “I liked looking at the muscles and being able to name them, but I really did not like the heads unattached from their bodies, sitting on the table making eye contact with me,“ said senior Faith Shaw.

After the lab, students got the chance to eat some famous Aggie Ice Cream from the Aggie Creamery. After eating ice cream, the students went to Pizza Pie Café for lunch, where some couldn’t really enjoy eating certain things. “I hated when Mason would refer everything we saw at the lab and had to bring it up at lunch afterwards,” said senior Kimberly Choma.

After everyone finished eating, the bus headed back home and made it just in time for sports practices. The successful trip changed the way students think about anatomy and provided them with an experience they will remember for a lifetime.