Promposals Make Prom Fun, Memorable


ADORE YOU: Senior JD Child asked junior Kendyll Rappleye in the most clever way. Rappleye is obsessed with Harry Styles, so Child asked her with all Styles songs to go to prom with him. “I was excited to get home and see that in my room, and I like how he incorporated Harry Styles into it also,” said Rappleye.

Carlie McInnes, staff writer

The boys have their choice when it comes to asking girls to prom, and, of course, girls have the chance to answer. Getting asked and answering back creatively, like with a poster, is just one of the clever ways dater can make prom fun and unique, and it gets people very excited for the actual day of the dance.

Most people either asked their dates by putting an invitation in cars or going to houses and setting up  bedrooms. Sophomore Bailee Kallgren asked Shay Andrews, and she answered back in a clever by going to his house and decorating his room.

BURSTING: Candy, courtesy of Shay Andrews, litters Bailee Kallgren’s bedroom floor.” I was super excited when she answered me because she used my favorite candy, and it got me super excited for the dance,” said Kallgren.

Senior Kortlen Hilton asked  junior Ali Kilroy in a cute and elegant way. Ali was out of town and when she got home she was surprised by all the decorations in the room.

LIGHT UP MY NIGHT: Kortlen Hilton left these decorations in Ali Kilroy’s room as his way to ask her to prom. “I was super surprised when I got home from my trip, and it made me super excited when I walked into my room and saw what he had done,” said Kilroy.

Promposals are a fun way to get students involved  for the big day of prom where hopefully they all have a night to remember.