Art Symposium Brings Home Excitement


ARTSY: Students peruse the art on display in the auxiliary gym. Amongst the art on display were the pieces awarded ribbons at the state art symposium. Trinity Roberson—pictured here behind Mr. Lancaster, Morgan Scaffide, and Loren Erickson—submitted art that was recognized in the top 25 of over 2000 entries.

State Art Symposium took place on April 21st to the 23rd, an annual events students from Art I all the way up to AP Art look forward to all year.

Roughly 2,000 art pieces were selected from around the state for the symposium. Star Valley’s art students again set a high water mark and managed to break a school record with 31 students winning ribbons and 90 pieces in total earning ribbons.

Senior Braxton Schwab earned the most ribbons of anyone from Star Valley with a grand total of 12! “It was really fun being with the other artists,” said Schwab.

Not only did Star Valley students break records and show off their skills, they also had quite the enjoyable time. “Art symposium was a really cool experience in a lot of ways. It gave a lot of motivation and inspiration for next year. Spending time with other artists was enlightening and super fun as well. It was highly entertaining,” said sophomore Ellie McCombie.