Financial Algebra Surveys School


MATH MINDED: Mrs. Williams Financial Algebra settles down and gets ready to start class. The class recently conducted some interesting and telling surveys amongst the student body.

Carlie McInnes, staff writer

The Financial Algebra class recently conducted surveys around the school on many different things ranging from dream cars to disliked things about school. The students gathered some interesting information and evidence to help them make a presentation of their findings to the class. 

Mrs. Williams teaches the class. “In Financial Algebra we try to do math that applies to real life.  At the end of our statistics unit, students pick a project that shows how they use some of the statistics we’ve learned.  The topics can be anything that interests them, but they have to be able to collect data, do calculations with the results, and create charts and graphs,” said Williams.

The surveys ranged from music preference to vacation spots to dog ownership. “Doing the surveys is always a learning experience in itself.  Students have to decide what they want do know and come up with the questions that will get the answers they need,” said Williams.

Even though none of the topics seemed earth-shattering, the drawbacks with any survey is that the person taking it will not respond honestly or seriously or will make up silly responses…all of which skews the data.  “We even had one kid EAT the piece of paper his survey was on,” said Williams. 

Williams reported that, for the most part, SVHS teachers and students really helped the students have a good experience and learn math in a fun way.

Junior Emma Brown said, “ I did my survey on summer vacation, how far people traveled and where did they went. It was surprising how far people travel in the summer.”

Gathering lots  information about many different things yielded some interesting results and made math fun for the class.