Musical “Footloose” Dances to Success


FOOTLOOSE: SVHS high school puts on the famous musical “Footloose.” The cast performed a great musical with amazing singing, dancing, and acting. Another great musical for the books.

Whitnee Hale, staff writer

On Wednesday March 16th, the Footloose cast took the stage. The cast performed a total of 7 times throughout the week and weekend with a variety of shows to elementary schools, the high schools, and the middle school.

Footloose is known for its amazing dance numbers throughout the show. Most musicals have 4-6 dance numbers, but Footloose has 12. Choreographer Tami Nielsen enjoyed teaching and learning all of the dances. “I had 8 weeks to teach choreography. That means kids were learning 1 1/2 dances each week in addition to the regular stage blocking. It was a lot to learn and remember, and true to Star Valley tradition, the kids stepped up and completely rocked it,” Nielsen said.

After learning all of the choreography and songs, the musical was a great success. Director Lynzi McAdams returned for her second year and was so excited about how it turned out. “I am so proud of them and all their hard work! If it wasn’t for them, the show wouldn’t have been as good as it was. I can only do so much as the director, but they took every critique and note. They turned those notes into a better performance each time. I love those kids and am so proud of each and every one of them,” McAdams said.

Of course, with the good there are struggles as well. McAdams said that the set, dancing, and music was all very difficult. Regardless, there is nothing quite like seeing all the hard work pay off and putting on an amazing show.

“The stage is a place where everyone can be, and we love each other and accept each other and want each other to succeed. It’s really hard work and a lot of hours, but the payoff is wonderful with memories and friends that last a lifetime. I’m just so proud of these kids. They proved that they can do hard things well,” Nielsen said.

Footloose has wrapped, but the process to choose and cast next year’s musical is already underway.