Girls 4×100 Relay Sets New School Indoor Track Record

Maddie Hale, staff writer

Setting a new school record is like being able to win a state championship game. Four Lady Braves got to experience this and see all of their hard work come together at state indoor track in Gillette, WY on March 4-5.

Sara Mcken, Avery Hanberg, Kammi Merritt and Valerie Jirak set a new 4×200 school record, running the relay, running it in one minute and forty-nine seconds. Coordinating and working together with four different athletes can be challengin,g but these girls worked hard and pulled it together. Not only were they friends on the track, but they also made memories and created friendships off the track. “The feeling that came from this was indescribable, and I would not have wanted to beat the school record with any other team,” said Merritt.

Indoor track is a winter sport that does not start until the first of January. They always travel long distances because not very many schools close by have indoor tracks; that means they often goi to the same place more than once. Indoor track naturally helps helps runners prepare for outdoor track that started in early March.