Sweethearts Dance Brings Couples, Friends Together


SWEET: Taft McClure, Janie England, Norrah Nielsen, and Thomas Cunningham take a picture together at the Sweet Hearts dance. This was the second semi-formal dance this year after Homecoming. “The music was the best part. I really loved the DJ; he was by far the best one so far,” said Cunningham.

Gracee Cazier, staff writer

On February 12, couples and friends got all primped up and headed to the high school for this year’s Sweethearts Dance. The dance, held in the high school’s commons area, featured music, dancing, and food. Many students went as couples while some went with their friends.

SMILE: Josie Linford and Jacob Hodges capture the moment before driving to the Sweet Hearts dance. This semi-formal dance gave kids who chose to a change to dress up for the occasion. “I had such a good time. We took lots of pictures and did tons of dancing,” said Linford.”

Juniors Jacob Hodges and Josie Linford got all dolled up and danced the night away together. After the dance, their group went to the Fun Zone and hung out for the remainder of the night. “We went to the Fun Zone after the dance, and it was definitely my favorite part. We all just hung out and had a really good time,” said Hodges.

Along with Josie and Jacob, Maddie Hale and Kaden Rainey arrived at the high school ready to party. Hale always has a great time at dances and loves being able to see all her friends and enjoy the music. “I always have fun at dances, seeing everyone there and just getting in my feels during the slow songs, but jamming on the hype ones is such an amazing feeling,” said Hale.

Faith Shaw and Sharon England got together with a group of friends and had a wonderful night. “This was my first dance just going with some buddies, and it was such a fun time. We had just gotten back from a track meet, and I had to leave right after, so we didn’t get to hang out, but it was still really fun,” said Shaw.

LEG POP: Shaw and England strike a sassy pose for a cute picture before heading out. The girls went stag to the Sweet Hearts dance together with friends.”I truly had such a great night,” said Shaw.

These dances provide a great opportunity for the student body to come together and leave it all on the dance floor. Whether they were dancing with their dates or with friends, students had an amazing time at the Sweethearts Dance.