Eight Eye Colors to Look at the World Through

Brooke Hatch, staff writer

Have you ever wondered how you get your eye color? The science behind it and its pretty cool.

Did you know they’re is only 8 different eye colors in the world including: Brown (55% – 79%), blue (8% – 10%), hazel (5%), amber (5%), green (2%), grey (<1%), red/violet (<1%), heterochromia (<1%).

Human eye colors originate from 3 genes, but only 2/3 genes are understood by scientists. The two genes give people the common eye colors blue, green, and brown. Scientists still don’t understand how some people have gray, hazel or eyes with multiple colors in them.

Fun fact the pupil gets bigger in low light and smaller in bright light. The pupil also can change shape depending on what you are doing.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so gaze on!