Where Do Teenagers Get Their Information?


Brooke Hatch, staff writer

How do teenagers get their information? Well, turns out most teenagers turn to social media when they want to know something about the world around them, but they don’t actually go to the app for the information; they go to see what their favorite celebrities or online influencers have to say about things.

According to Commonsense Media, “6/10 teenagers say they are more likely to get their information from celebrities, influencers, and personalities rather than from news organizations.”

Since it is difficult to know who is fake and who is real on the Internet, teens may not if what they hear and read is even real.

“The biggest problem with teenagers and information today is identifying factual sources of info from sensational sources. Students using apps for information are usually getting opinions and not factual information,” said social studies teacher Mr. Aaron Lancaster.

Since social media contributors present their content in a way that gets them likes and views. “I like to use Tik Tok because I can watch some videos on politics or watch a video on what’s new in the world,” said senior Sammy McGee.

Teachers continue to stress the importance of getting facts from valid and reliable sources. As Lancaster said, “Think for yourselves and only quote information from reliable sources like apnews.com and Reuters.com.”