Semester Finals Causing Student Stress as Semester Ends


NAP TIME: Juniors Jacob Hodges and Nate Hughes take a much-needed break after working on their English projects. “English stressed me out because my teacher let me play Shell Shockers all semester, so now I have a bunch of missing assignments I need to do before Christmas break,” said Jacob Hodges.

Kendyll Rappleye, staff writer

The last week of the semester is always a stressful time for students. With final projects, papers, and tests, this time of year can be extremely hectic, especially as Christmas break approaches. 

“Chemistry is definitely one of my hardest classes. It is very stressful because my teacher put the last final common assessment on the last week we have school. I’ve kind of lost all my motivation because it’s the end of the semester and I’m just ready for the break,” said junior Ava Morgan.

Math is a class that gives many students heartburn as the last day of the semester approaches. “Pre calc was a super stressful class for me this semester. It took me seven attempts to finally pass the final test in the class. The final was tough because I had to score a 90% or above or it counted as a zero,” said junior Kylee Erickson.

English teacher often give their final paper assignment right before the semester ends. “English was my hardest class this semester because my teacher waited until the very end of the semester to give us our hardest tests,” said senior Kaleb Fila.

Even students taking some classes online have last minute tests to prepare for. “I have been most stressed about my online medical terminology class this semester. All the quizzes were open note but the final wasn’t, so that was nerve-racking to study for,” said Junior Lauren Erickson.

“I took government online this semester, and it was pretty stressful. The assignments were pretty easy, but there were a lot of them so it was hard to keep up,” said senior JD Morris.

Although studying and taking last minute tests at the end of the semester can be stressful, Christmas break makes it all worthwhile.