Students’ Favorite Albums of 2021

Citizens Life In Your Glass World is senior Orion Cottams favorite album of the year. His favorite song from the album is Blue Sunday.

Citizen’s “Life In Your Glass World” is senior Orion Cottam’s favorite album of the year. His favorite song from the album is “Blue Sunday.”

Jack Burgess, staff writer

Tyler, the Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost” is freshman Marie Markalonis’ favorite album released this year. Her favorite song from the album is “WUSYANAME”

2021 was objectively a great year for music, with many major releases hitting shelves and streaming platforms. With the year now coming to an end, students took the opportunity to look back on the year and the music that came along with it.

Freshman Marie Markalonis said her favorite album of 2021 is Call Me If You Get Lost by hip-hop artist Tyler, the Creator. “I like it because anything by Tyler is good, he’s awesome,” said Markalonis.

Senior Orion Cottam’s favorite release was Life in Your Glass World by Citizen, an alternative rock band from Ohio. “I really like the instrumentals on the album,” said Cottam, “especially the guitar and bass riffs.”

Senior Katy Rushing’s pick for album of the year is Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever. “It’s a fun album to listen to, and I like that you can sing along to it with friends or listen by yourself and still enjoy it,” Rushing said.

“Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish was a favorite release for many people this year, including senior Katy Rushing. Her favorite song from the album is “Billie Bossa Nova.”

No matter your music taste, many great albums, including the ones mentioned here, were released this year, and hopefully many more will come in 2022.