Favorite Christmas Songs Brighten Holidays

I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS: Many modern Christmas songs are remakes of older hits. This song was originally sung by Bing Crosby in 1943. “I’ll be home for Christmas by Michael Bublé is my favorite seasonal song because it reminds me of all my siblings coming back for the holidays and my whole family being together for Christmas,” said junior Lauren Erickson.

Kendyll Rappleye

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Christmas songs are everywhere. Malls, grocery stores, and of course all over radio stations. Listening to holiday music makes the season feel like everyone’s favorite time of the year. 

“I love to listen to Let it be Christmas by Alan Jackson during the holiday season because it’s a good country song and it’s so perfect.” said junior Brightyn Johns.

She’s not the only one who enjoys listening to Christmas music to get in the holiday spirit.

“I really like to listen to December by Ariana Grande because it’s different from other Christmas songs that are on my playlist. I also love Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber because I like to jam out to the rap part of the song.” said Ali Kilroy

Christmas has always been incredibly popular. In fact, the number one best selling song of all time happens to be a Christmas song, White Christmas by Bing Crosby from a movie by the same name.

The nostalgic feeling you get when listening to different holiday songs is one of the best parts of Christmas time. Holiday songs bring joy throughout the Christmas season.