Students Share Their Spotify Wrapped

Faith Shaw and Gracee Cazier


TOP SONG: Senior Deven Thompson shares his top song and artist on his 2021 Spotify Wrapped.

Faith Shaw and Gracee Cazier

by Jack Burgess

Many students who regularly stream music on Spotify look forward to the end of the year, when Spotify Wrapped is available to view. Spotify Wrapped allows listeners to view their listening statistics from the last year, such as their top artists, songs, and genres.

Senior Orion Cottam, who spent almost 70,000 minutes listening this year, stated that his top artist was indie-rock band Turnover. “I really like the way Turnover’s sound has evolved over time,” Cottam said. “Their new music sounds much different than their older music, and it’s all great.” Turnover also took the top spot for Cottam’s top song of the year with their track “Dizzy on the Comedown.”

Senior Karlee Cassidy, who’s top genre this year was pop rap, listened to Blackbear more than any other artist. “I like Blackbear because his music puts me in a good mood,” said Cassidy. However, Cassidy doesn’t believe her Spotify Wrapped was 100% accurate. One of Cassidy’s top “music moods” listed was “hopeful,” which came as a surprise because she doesn’t believe that describes any of the music she listened to.

Spotify Wrapped is always a fun way for people to look back on the year, and although the new year is only just beginning, many of us Spotify users are already looking forward to seeing what our listening habits in 2022 will be.