End of Semester Causing Some Stress


GRINDING: Melanie Cano works on a satire project for English. Many students feel the pressure of getting their grades up during the last days of a semester. “Since I am a senior, I can not really afford to not get credit for the classes I’ve missed,” said  Cano.

Josie Lichter, staff writer

The end of the semester has many students running on pure motivation to get their grades up or earn any possible credit recovery they can have before they have no more time to do it.

“I have a lot of credit recovery to do and not many hours to complete the hours I owe. I am very stressed out with it all, but I think I’m gonna make it. I just have to get my grades up and do my hours,” said Melanie Cano.

The list of students needing to make up time for credit recovery is long. Many of the students on this list go to lunch and after school credit recovery in hopes of  recovering their hours.

“I don’t have any credit recovery, but I am stressed about my grades and the final report card for this semester. So I am really trying to rush and get all of my grades as high as I can get them before I don’t have the chance,” said freshman Carson Shanor.

Students who thought they had plenty of time to earn credit and get their grades up are now freaking out, feeling stressed, and scrambling to pass their classes. The semester is almost over. Only a few more days before the students of SVHS get a much-needed break.