Schwab Finds Inspiration for Art in Nature


RAPTOR CAPTURE: Schwab drew this image of a hawk in pencil.

JD Morris, staff writer

Art is a strong and powerful way to capture the beauty and complexity of the human experience. It speaks to people in ways that go beyond just words. Many talented and award-winning students artists walk the halls here. One such artist is Braxton Schwab.

Schwab is a senior with many talents, just one of which happens to be art. Schwab, a football player, is one of the best student artists in the state. He has the blue ribbons from state art symposium to prove it.

“I really enjoy art because it is a great activity to do in the winter time and gives me something to do,” said Schwab.

ROAR! This is a very intense drawing features critical lines and had Disney motivation behind it.”I was watching the Lion King with my nephews, and I just got to thinking maybe I should draw a lion,” said Schwab.
BISON BY BRAXTON:¬† “I just needed¬† something to draw. I had been thinking what to put into the contest, and we were on our way up to Cody for a football trip, and I saw a buffalo,” said Schwab.