Home Team Wins Braves Brawl


Rachelle Patterson

WORKING HARD! Five Braves went undefeated at the Brawl. “It can be somewhat intimidating wrestling varsity as a freshman, but felt good to start the season undefeated”, said freshman Cooper Berk (far right).

Ava Morgan, staff writer

For the 13th time, the Braves recently hosted their annual Braves Brawl, and as usual the home team took home the championship trophy and Sky View from Smithfield, UT, taking the runner-up spot.

In total, eight teams competed at the first event of the season for the Braves. This year Coach Clark invited the SVHS Cheerleaders to help take scores for the JV matches and towel tapping for the varsity matches. Junior Emma Brown took score for the JV matches. “It was lots of fun because it helped me understand wrestling better, but at times it was hard to keep up with the refs, but all in all it was lots of fun!” said Brown.

Head Coach Eddie Clark was very impressed with his wrestlers and how they preformed. “They did pretty well. We need to get in a lot better shape and work on the basics a lot more to improve our technique,” said Clark.

The Braves Brawl always serves as a great start to SVHS wrestling.

WINNERS: The Braves had a great first tournament, winning first place and taking home the most trophies at the Braves Brawl. The Brawl, hosted by SV, is usually the team’s first tournament of the season. Coach Clark was very proud of how his boys preformed. Photo by Rachelle Patterson.
PINNED: Senior Kaleb Fila takes care of business and goes undefeated at the Braves Brawl. “It always gives me an incentive to win in front of the home fans. I can’t wait for the rest of the season”, said Fila. Photo by Rachelle Patterson.