Traditions Bring Holiday Spirit


SPARKLE SPARKLE: Emree Erickson loves Christmas time because of the decorations in their house. “My favorite thing about decorating for Christmas is the stockings. It is the perfect touch to Christmas.”

Carlie McInnes, staff writer

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” is a saying people hear a lot during the holiday season. Most agree.

 Christmas time is a very popular time for traditions. Almost every family has Christmas traditions they follow every year. Traditions make the holiday season special and bring families closer together.

One common tradition lots families do is Christmas Eve pajamas. They open and don their pajamas on the night of the 24th, wear them to bed and open their presents in them the next morning. In some families even the parents join the fun. “Christmas pajamas is my favorite tradition because it get’s me in the Christmas spirit,” said junior Josie Linford.

SLUMBER PARTY: Josie Linford and Lauren Erickson match in their plaid Christmas pajamas. “My favorite part about Christmas pajamas is it really gets me into the mood for Christmas, and it wouldn’t be the same with out them,” said Erickson.

Some families spend the Christmas Break up Grey’s River Canyon at the Box Y guest ranch. They can only get up there by riding snow mobiles. Once there they stay in cabins and have fun in the snow for the weekend.  Junior Maddie Hale and her family are some of the few that travel there on New Year’s Eve. “We have been going up there since before I can remember,” said Hale.

BRRRR: Maddie Hale and her sister bundled up to go up to Box Y for the night of New Year’s Eve.

Another popular family tradition is secret Santa. This tradition is very popular in big families with lots of people to get gifts for. Secret Santa helps to break up the present process so gift givers buy for a different family member each year.

SANTA CAME: The Erickson and Mazzarisi family pose on Christmas day with their pets after doing Secret Santa. Kylee said, “It’s fun because the kids know each other better than our parents, and so we usually end up getting each other good gifts.”

This hap, happiest time of the year brings families together to make memories that last a lifetime. Traditions help make the season so special and meaningful.