November Orchestra Concert Features Student String Talent


STRUNG OUT: Freshmen Kylie Merritt and Shayla Frazier make their strings sing at a Nov 10 orchestra concert. Twenty-two freshmen show up to class every gold day for 9th Grade Orchestra. “It’s really fun, and the kids are really nice. I like it more than last year because the music is more challenging,” said Merritt.

Emma Brown, writer

The most recent musical concert on Wednesday, November 10th, has been a long time in the making since the musicians who performed started learning to play their string instruments in elementary school.

The chamber orchestra played a variety of numbers such as Spartacus by Alex North and Sally Goodin by Hank Williams, Jr. All three groups from the high school played in the concert that lasted around on hour and a half.

Groups like chamber orchestra only succeed by playing well together. “My favorite part is working together to make great music,” said sophomore Jacob Knighton. Knighton as been in orchestra since 5th grade and plays the cello.

“I like that we’re almost like a team; we all depend on each other and need each other for us to create great music,”  said sophomore Maren Arbizu. Arbizu started playing in the 6th grade.

Like all classes, orchestra also provides a social opportunity  for the members every time they meet. “I like orchestra because I get to hang out with my friends in there,” said freshman violinist Kumari Mccormick.

The word orchestra derives from a Greek phrase meaning dancing place. Orchestras can be heard in concert halls all over the world at any time of year. They also play in opera houses for opera and ballet or in large stadium for huge, open-air concerts. A symphony orchestra may have up to 100 players, while a chamber orchestra usually has 30 or 40 players. Patrons can enjoy world-class orchestral performances year round at the Grand Teton Music Festival in nearby Jackson Hole.

Many student string players will keep playing their instruments throughout the rest of their lives—maybe not at events like the Grand Teton Music Festival, but their experience playing and performing together during their high school years will stay with them for a long time.