Students Express Gratitude Just in Time for Thanksgiving


Nicholas Jardine, staff writer

Have you ever been sitting around the table at Thanksgiving and realized that everyone is actually talking about what they are grateful for? Then you realize that you don’t have anything to say? For a lot of people, it is unfortunately all too rare. Luckily, there is a lot to be grateful for in this world. 

People can express gratitude for their experiences, people they hold dear, or even regular old objects. But some people have somewhat different things to be grateful for.

Freshman Anson Robinson said, “I am grateful to be learning Greek. If you learn Greek, Greek is the base for Latin and Latin is the base for everything else, so you be able to earn every other western language.” Robinson makes the point that it is not common to meet a person who realizes the knowledge they are gaining is reason to be grateful. However, Robinson doesn’t see much of a practical use for this in the next few years. “I am not planning to travel to Greece anytime soon. I mean, I guess I’d like to just as much as I’d like to travel to Italy and Rome, but no.” 

Others have been able to travel for all sorts of reasons. “I am grateful that I am able to go and do things through my activity, which is bowling. I think going to nationals and stuff is really cool,” said senior Daxon Gilbert. Perhaps the activity is reason enough to be thankful, but Gilbert explained, “Last year’s Nationals was in Indianapolis. This year it is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.” Being able to travel the country and do what you like is probably a great reason to be thankful.

For those who don’t travel often, many are grateful for the people around them, those who they associate themselves with. “I am grateful for how the Treble girls are a lot more close knit this year. It’s more like we are a family, and I just love them,” said senior April Davis. Some just like being with their friends at a lunch table. “I am grateful for my friends who I have been able to spend time with, just hanging out during lunch and just enjoying life,” said senior Caleb Landis. 

We almost all have good reasons to be thankful. And those who think they have no unique reason to be grateful often do. Thankfully there are people out there to remind us of our gratitude.