School Officials Considering Move to Trimester Schedule for 22-23 School Years


PASSING TIME: Students socialize in the hall between classes. The school has been on the AB block schedule since it moved to the new building 24 years ago. However, change may be in the air next school year.

Delsa Thomas, staff writer

Administration is considering a different class schedule for next school year.

For time out of mind, SVHS has had a two semester school year, but as budgets, student numbers, and teacher availability continue to change, talk has turned to a possible trimester for the 22-23 school year.

Currently students complete two alternating A B block semesters each year. The first semester runs from August-December while the second one starts in January and concludes in May. A trimester breaks the school year into three equal parts, approximately August- November, December- February, and March-May.

Although a trimester schedule is being considered, school officials have no plans to change the schedule yet. “No decision has been made. We are currently exploring possibilities and if it trimesters would optimize our schedule at SVHS with our current 4-5 day calendar. We are currently exploring different trimester schedules including what is called a Tri-5 or Try-6. A Tri-5 would be a 5 period day, and a Tri-6 would be a 6 period day,” said principle Horsley

Administration may see advantages in trimesters, but some students like things just the way they are. “I would not like switching to trimester very much because you wouldn’t have as much time to learn things in all your classes before you had to switch,” said junior Maddie Hale

“No, I would rather stay at two semesters. The block gives us every other day instead of the same classes every day. You also can’t wait to do your home work; you will have to do it that night because you’ll have the class the next day,” said junior Ava Morgan

One thing is for sure. Whatever schedule the school follows next year, student will like some things about it and dislike others.