Braves Look Back on Season with Mixed Feelings

MORE THAN A GAME: The Braves lineup prior to the state semi-final game against Cody. The Braves lost 17-24. “I’m going to miss staying in the hotel with the fellas the most. We had some great times and great memories in all the hotels even after the losses. My favorite memory was seeing the milkman (Harrison Hoopes) do his dance at football camp,” said senior JD Morris.

Kendyll Rappleye, staff writer

Although the season did not end the way the Braves hoped it would, the team still had an incredible season and gained a lot more than just wins.

There is nothing like high school football. For the team, football teaches the boys the concept of hard work and the importance of perseverance. For high school students, football games are a place where students go not only to watch a good game, but also to rally together with their peers all in support of one cause.

“The thing I’m going to miss most about this sport is just spending countless hours with the boys and all the early mornings and late nights we put in together. I’m also going to miss all the time spent running plays, watching film, and doing service projects with each other,” said senior Zac Patterson  

These boys bonded this season, making them more than just a team. The bond built on the football field makes the team a family. The players spent hours upon hours practicing, working out, traveling to games, watching film, and playing at 7 on 7 camps. For the majority of these players, November 5th was the last time they will  ever strap on their pads and put on their helmets to play for the Braves on Friday nights. 

“What I’m going to miss most about football is definitely practicing with the homies and the locker room after winning a game. My favorite memories are all the football trips, overnight stays with my teammates, and camp this summer,” said senior Ryker White.

The bonds and relationships formed in high school football typically last a lifetime. Of course they players always want to win, but even when they don’t, being on the football team still has a lot to offer.