Snowmobilers Excited for Snowfall


STUCK: Junior Raf Greene finds some deep powder on the southend. Green, an avid snowmobiler, said, “I sure do love being stucker than… yeah with all of your buddies trying to get you out until dark, there’s nothing more fun than that.”

JD Morris, Staff Writer

Snowmobiling is one of the most popular activities to do during the long harsh winter. Many students either personally have a sled or their family has one.

Many students enjoying getting spending time in the outdoors and snowmobiles open up another opportunity to get away from school and go ride in the mountains with either friends or family. “I go with my dad normally and a couple friends if they want to come too,” said junior Izaak Nield.

With the average snowmobile costingĀ  $13,500, sledding is not a cheap way to have fun, but many people work extremely hard in the summer to afford this great winter activity. Sophomore Cam Kendall ridesĀ  a 2014 Polaris 800 and works for his dad in the summer to pay for his sled in the winter.

Paying for the snowmobile is one thing, paying to ride it is another. “I have a 2019 Ski Doo 850, and I work for my grandpas mechanic shop up in Jackson to pay for the gas that I use to ride it,” said junior Izzak Nield.

Many sledders head out as soon as school is released for the day and head up to places like the southend where there are many trails and fun areas to play in. South end is one of the most popular places

Riding close to home makes it quick and convenient for snowmobilers to make familiar climbs. “My favorite place to go is south end because it has so many different creeks and gulches that you can go up and mess around in,” said Kendall.

With long winters and lots of snow, snowmobiling is the perfect winter activity for Star Valley students.

EVEL KNIEVEL: Junior Izzak Nield gets some huge airtime in the south end of the valley.”I was riding one of our older sleds, which I enjoy riding because it has a little zip to it despite being how old it is.” Says Nield.