Marching Band Continues Tradition of Excellence at State Competition


MARCH! The marching band moves down Afton’s main street in perfect formation. The marching band earned an excellent rating at the state competition in October. “Some helpful seniors helped me gain confidence last year playing the trombone, and next thing I know I’m playing a solo at state competition!” said sophomore Adam Bringhurst.

JD Morris, staff writer

On October 16th the marching school band headed over to the Casper Event Center to put their skills on display for the judges at the state tournament. The band has a long tradition of earning top marks at state, and this year was no exception as the band earned an excellent rating from the judges.

“I thought we did exceptionally well at state. I thought we would get superior, but it didn’t turn out the way we thought it would,” said sophomore Adam Bringhurst said.

Although some member of the band were unable to make the trip for various reasons,  56 students adapted to the energy, excitement, and pressure of the tournament and performed “especially well at state,” said band teacher Mr. Kurt Sand.

The band contributes many aspects to high school, often setting the mood at assemblies, state send offs, and games. “Football games would be different if the was not playing. It would change the atmosphere of the game,” said senior safety Kortlen Hilton.

The marching Braves give many students a chance to get involved, work as a team, and make beautiful music together.