Fall Fashion Trends Arrive

FIT CHECK: Junior Ali Kilroy goes plaid in her long blazer. Cold temperatures call for cool fashions.

Kendyll Rappleye, staff writer

Trends come and go, but certain pieces last forever. 

When it comes to Fall 2021 fashion trends, there are multiple items that are timeless. With cooler temperatures coming, it’s time to bring out the sweaters and boots. “I love wearing sweater vests during the fall because they are trendy and cute, but also comfy and stylish,” said Carlie McInnes. 

McInnes is not the only one who enjoys coming up with new fall outfit combinations. “When it comes to fall outfits, I like layering. I also like to wear as many neutrals as I can, so it really adds that fall touch,” said junior fashionista Ali Kilroy.

Senior Harrison Hoopes likes to represent his love for Carhartt by wearing his Carhartt jacket, pants, and belt. “I like wearing my tan Carhartt pants with my tan Georgia boots,; they look nice paired with my Carhartt belt and jacket,” said Hoopes.

Some fall fashions stay in style all winter, like the functional universal hoodie. “My favorite clothing piece in the fall is hoodies because Hodge always looks hot in them,” said Hyden Veigel. 

The cold and these trends will stay with us for the next five months, so make the best of it by staying warm in fashionable clothing.