Dancing Ref Surprises Crowd


Emma Brown, staff writer

Entertainment struck the last home football game with exiting dances moves from one of the refs. The last game of the year can be pretty sad for most of the seniors. It is the last time they will play on their home field and cheer at the game, and the dancing ref made the last game a little more memorable.

The Braves were winning the game at half time 33-0, and when they came back onto the field and were warming up to get ready to play the 2nd half of the game, the mc decided to play “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. Everyone got up and started dancing when surprisingly, one of the refs started showing off his moves. The crowd and super-fans went crazy, standing up and applauding the performance.

That is when the football players decided to have some fun too. They started to support the ref, crowding around him and urging him on as he danced and showed off the moves to the “Thriller” dance. When he was done, everyone was cheering for him and in shock at what just happened .

“That it was one of the craziest thing I have seen at a football game. The ref was a really good dancer, and I was shocked at how good he could moon walk,” said freshman Brooklyn Brown.

Even those who have the job of entertaining were impressed. “I was so surprised when he went out there and started dancing. He has way better dance moves then I do,” said cheerleader sophomore Sadie Hulse.

“It was pretty epic. I didn’t expect that he was going to go out there and dance,” said junior Lauren Erickson.

Cheer coach Amy GaskellĀ  said, “It brought me back to the past. He really could dance well. He actually danced like Michael Jackson.”

The rest of the game went really well for the Braves who beat Evanston 40-6. Even though it was the last home game of the season for the Braves, they had an amazing game and made an amazing memory that will last.