Longtime Shoe Brands Still Popular


TEAM VANS: The varsity volleyball team models their shoes. Seniors Mickey Frazier, Gracee Cazier, Whitnee Hale, and Kamryn Jenkins wear Vans while junior Josie Linford and senior Mia Hutchinson have on Converse. Linford is team Vans. “I think that they are more comfortable than Converse.”

Kamryn Jenkins, staff writer

In the last few years the company Vans has taken the world by storm, and not for the first time and have sold over 75 million pairs of shoes since becoming a company in 1966. They were popular when current wearers’ parents were in high school.

are the number two brand overall for footwear, just behind Nike, and vary from slip ons to velcro to tie ons.

Converse have been around a lot longer than Vans. Converse have been used as basketball shoes since about the 1920’s. As of late, Converse have become more of a fashion statement than a basketball shoe. Over 100 million pairs of Converse have been sold since they began.

Both shoes offer style and comfort and are popular with teens, but which to they better?

Sophomore Collin Rivard likes Vans better. “They are more comfortable and because of that  I only own one pair of Converse.”

Senior Connor Hart shares Rivard’s opinion. “They [Vans] are more comfortable, and they look better.”

Senior Mia Hutchinson, however, prefers Converse. “I don’t really know why, I just love Converse.”

Converse has its share of fans. “I love how they have smaller details, like the red and the blue stripes on the sides,” said junior Josie Linford.

Regardless of which individuals like more, both Converse and Vans have stood the test of time and can be seen wandering the halls.

VANS LIFE OR NO LIFE: Sophomore Collin Rivard models his favorite pair of shoes, his white vans. “I like Vans better with most of my outfits,” said Rivard.